Muck Player Damage Guide – What is It?

Muck Player Damage Guide - What is It

Muck is already out and players are enjoying this game. However, many players are wondering about Player Damage. Player Damage is one type of settings you can customize while hosting your server. If you’re curious to know what is the Player Damage guide in Muck, and how does it impact your game, here we have prepared a complete guide.

What is the Muck Player Damage Guide in Muck

In the game of Muck, a Player Damage guide is a setting. It can only be changed by the host when opening a server. The host can also change other settings like The World Seed, Game Mode, and Difficulty mode. This setting is turned off by default so that prevents players from dealing damage to each other.

You can turn Player Damage setting on in the following two cases:

1. If you want to enjoy a more competitive experience, you can turn this setting on or

2. If you want to play this game in a more challenging way using friendly fire.

In both of these cases, you can turn it on. However, it is important to know that it is going to be tough since you cannot kill randomly at enemies anymore. In the Player Damage mode, you have to be very careful.

If you want to make Muck more challenging, then you need to increase the difficulty. However, you can start playing this game with Easy Mode which is the best way to learn the basics of this game.      

One misconception about this setting is that it will make you unbeatable. Regrettably, it won’t do anything like that as it has nothing to do with your health. So, there will be no point to turn it on if you are playing the game alone as it won’t impact anything.

That’s all for this guide about What is the Player Damage in Muck.

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