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Muck is the newest free-to-play survival-roguelike game. In this game, you need to collect resources, build a base to survive, and find items for as long as you can. Like all the survival games, you will have several different types of tools, objects, machinery, and other stuff in Muck as well. You will need to use them to get or achieve something. One of the important resources is Cauldron which you can use to make food. But many players have no idea, how to use this item so we have come up with this ultimate guide. Let us find out how to use Cauldron in Muck.

How to Use Cauldron in Muck

As we have mentioned above, Cauldron is one of the items which you can use to make food and more particularly, cooked meat.

You can say that Cauldron is one type of cooking station and you need to craft it on the workbench. To craft it, you will need x10 rock and x10 wood to make a Cauldron. Once you make it, you can place it wherever you like but make sure to keep it on a flat surface so you can cook your food properly.

Now you will need to fuel it and put some fire resources like coal or wood. You can place cookable foods, dough, or raw meat in the slot which is given on the right side of the Cauldron.

Make sure to use Coal as fire resources as it is more economical than wood. One of the important points to know that, you can mix different types of food in a bowl to make a complete meal. This way, you can make a sufficient amount of food in one go.

At present, the we don’t have a list of all the foods that you can combine. But, you can find many different types of food daily, so it is worth trying.

That’s how you can use Cauldron in Muck.

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