Muck – How to Use Ancient Core

Muck – How to Use Ancient Core

Prior to update 3 in Muck, we could get the Ancient Core as a drop from Big Check and Gronk, but there was no use for it in the game. But, with the release of the latest update, there is a slight chance you can get the item from Guardian as well and there is a purpose for Ancient Core. So, if you have this item in your inventory and don’t know what to do with it, we will show you in this guide – how to use Ancient Core in Muck.

How to Use Ancient Core in Muck

A lot of new items and old in the game have one main purpose i.e. they aid in repairing the shipwreck boat. So, if you want to use the Ancient Core or the Obamium Ore, you need to first find the Shipwreck boat. When you spawn in a world, search for caves to find a map to the boat inside the green chest. If you don’t find a cave, which can happen sometimes, you should look for huts. Failing that, the map could be in wagons. Once you have the map, head to the Shipwreck Boat and there are tons of repair tasks that require your attention. This is where you can use Ancient Core in Muck.

Unlike several other items in the game, you don’t have to worry about farming the Ancient Core as you require only one of it. Big Chuck and Gronk, both have a 33% drop rate, so you may want to fight them. Guardian only has a drop rate of 5%, so it’s meaningless to fight the Guardian if your goal is to get the Ancient Core.

When you reach the boat, you need to repair it to get to the ending of the game. There are a lot of resource gathering and repairing involved. To use the Ancient Core in Muck, you need to first fix the Ship Engine that requires 15 Iron Bar.

Once you have fixed the Ship Engine, new areas of repair would appear, one of these uses the Ancient Core.

So, that’s the use of Ancient Core in Muck. Check out the game category for more informative guides and tips to play the game.

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