Muck – How to Make a Shield

Muck game is one of the latest free survival-roguelike games which is developed by young YouTuber Dani. This game is all about crafting every tool, armor, and weapon using various resources. Since the launch of Muck, many players are asking how to make a Shield in this game. Let us find out here can we make a Shield in Muck?

How to Make a Shield in Muck

If you are looking for the answer to how to make a Shield in Muck, well, we must say that unfortunately, we could not find any resources at present through which we can make a Shield. 

Although in inventory, you can see a Shield icon in the torso armor slot, it doesn’t help to make a Shield. It is there because of two reasons. The developer of the Muck game has already planned for players to craft Shield. And another reason so far, they have not added Shield but they will add it in the next update.

It is important to note that, this game is not yet monetized and so it is available completely free for players. So, it seems that the developer is not focusing to develop the Muck game further until it is monetized. On the other hand, it has been just 2 days of launching, Dani has already updated this game with small fixes, and also, he has released a new respawn feature.

According to Steam Charts, this game has got over 17,000 players in just 24 hours and so, it seems that Muck will rise even higher in the upcoming days despite the content is a little limited and it has only a few hours of play.

All in all, at the moment, the Shield feature is not added and so players can’t make it. We will surely update you once it is available in the game.

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