Muck – How to Get Wyvern Dagger

Muck - How to Get Wyvern Dagger

Muck is the newest and multi-player survival rogue-like free Steam game developed by a popular YouTuber Dani. So far, the Muck game doesn’t offer many weapons but amongst all, the ‘Wyvern Dagger’ is the only best weapon in the game as it can attack twice as quickly as any other weapon. It provides two attacks in its one attack and that’s incredible! However, getting Wyvern Dagger is quite tricky and so we have prepared here a complete step-by-step guide.

How to Get Wyvern Dagger in Muck

Wyvern Dagger can be obtained from Wyvern enemy which is very danger flying enemy and so we need some ranged attack. We can also use electricity balls, fireballs, and rice balls which you can get from drops by killing different enemies. But, the best and easy method to kill Wyvern is the following.

So, first of all, you will be needing following materials to craft Wyvern Dagger.

– 10 Oak Wood

– and 1 Wyvern Claws

You won’t require a furnace to craft Wyvern Claws. But here you will need to defeat a Wyvern to get Claws and that is a quite tough job. So, here is a quick step-by-step guide on how to kill Wyvern.

How to Kill Wyvern to get Wyvern Claws in Muck

Wyverns are one of the dangerous and bothersome flying enemies that attack you using fireballs. So, you have to attack them back with a bow. Here is how you can craft a bow.

1. Make a Fletching Table using 25 Birch Wood and 10 Flint. (You can collect Flint from rocks).

2. Craft a Rope using 10 Wheat and 10 Bark

3. Make a Bow using 10 Wood and 1 Rope

You can use any arrows to kill Wyvern. You can make arrows at the Fletching Table using 4 Wood and 1 Flint. Also, if you want, you can use even stronger arrows and bows. Furthermore, Elemental Balls dropped from elemental enemies will also work here.

Once you get all of these, you can easily and quickly kill Wyvern and they will spawn Claw to make a Wyvern Dagger weapon.

That’s all for this guide on how to get Wyvern Dagger in Muck.

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