Muck – How to Get and Use Black Shards

Muck – How to Get and Use Black Shards

In the latest update of the Muck game, there are a lot of new items have been added. One of the new items is ‘Black Shard’. This is the rare item that can be utilized to craft one of the best and powerful weapons – Night Blade Sword.

How to Get and Use Black Shards in Muck

As we have said, Black Shards is a rare item so you will need a little RNG (Random Number Generator) luck to obtain this item just like Gronk’s Sword Hilt. Black Shards item drops from the rare bosses which are very tough to beat. Moreover, it only drops from Guardians that can be generated from statues around the island.  

To find out the Guardians more easily, you will need a boat to escape. There will be a Green Chest on the deck which has a map in it which will keep gems on the map. You will find Guardians on these locations which you will need to slay to get Black Shards as a drop from them. Fortunately, you will only need 1 Black Shard in order to craft the Night Blade Sword weapon. So far, the only use of this rare item is to craft this sword. Now, let’s find out how to use Black Shards.

How to Use Black Shards in Muck

Once you have one Black Shard, then you can proceed to craft Night Blade Sword. To craft this weapon, you will need:

– 10x Obamium Bar (Can be acquired by mining Obamium with an Adamantite Pickaxe)

– 15x Dark Oak Wood (You can get this item from Dark Oak trees which have dark blue leaves)

– 1x Black Shard 

Once you will collect all of these materials, now you only need to get an Anvil and craft Nigh Blade Sword.

That’s all for this guide on How to Get and Use Black Shards in Muck.

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