Monster Hunter Stories 2

Monster Hunter Stories 2 – How to Save Game

Monster Hunter Stories 2 - How to Save Game

Capcom’s upcoming game Monster Hunter Stories 2 is going to release 9th July 2021 and players have already started playing its trial version. Same as its precursors in the MH Rise series, Wings of Ruin has introduced several different mechanics simultaneously that make the game line a bit confusing. One of the important things you need to know in this new installment is that, it doesn’t have automatic saving and so, you need to save it manually. If you have no idea, how to save a game, the following is the guide.

How to Save the Game in Monster Hunter Stories 2

In order to save the game in Monster Hunter Stories 2, go through a simple process.

1. Go home

2. Interact with the bed inside and you will see 3 save slots, excluding the Autosave entry.

3. Here, you will need to overwrite your current data file or you can choose a different name.

The house of your character is between the Stable and the Quest Board in Mahana Village. However, if you want to save your game progress while you’re in the field, we recommend checking out for a Catavaner stand. Also, there is another option to save in the Catavaner menu.

Thus, you can save your game and you won’t lose your progress.

This next new Monster Hunter Series is developed by Capcom for Nintendo Switch players exclusively. Its trial version is already out and so, it is very important to know how to save the game.

That’s all for this guide on How to Save Game in Monster Hunter Stories 2. We hope, you find this guide simple and useful.

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