Monster Hunter Stories 2

Monster Hunter Stories 2 – How to Increase Stable Capacity

Monster Hunter Stories 2 - How to Increase Stable Capacity

With 81 Monsties that can be ridden, the initial space in your stable will soon run out of space as you won’t be able to house them all. You will have to choose between the monsters you want to keep and the ones you need to let go. But, hold up, there is a way to increase the stable capacity in Monster Hunter Stories 2. It can be accomplished by completing a quest that unlocks quite early in the game. Completing the story quest will allow you to expand the stable size and the number of monsters you can house.

How to Increase Stable Capacity in Monster Hunter Stories 2

When you start the game, the default stable size is good enough as it allows you to shelter 12 monsters, but that will soon run out. Before that, you need to upgrade the stable. To upgrade the stable or increase capacity in Monster Hunter Stories 2, you need to go to Melynx Inc with 10 bottle caps. You can purchase the stable blueprint from the Melynx.

As you progress with the story and prior to exiting Mahana Village, you will meet the guy that runs the Melynx Inc. It’s the place where you can purchase a lot of things in the game from weapons, armor, stable capacity, and more. To make the purchase you require bottle caps that can be found in special monster dens called Everdens. As you follow the story, you will automatically come upon the first monster den that has the bottle caps. You will get 10 of them.

Once you do, return to Melynx and exchange the bottle caps for the stable upgrade. The first upgrade is Stable Blueprint 1 and it costs 5 bottle caps. It will double your default stable capacity and make it 24. As you play the game and gather more bottle caps, you can keep returning to the Melynx to increase the capacity of your stable.       

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