Monster Hunter Stories 2

Monster Hunter Stories 2 – How to Get and Use Paintballs

Monster Hunter Stories 2 - How to Get and Use Paintball

If you want to get Paintballs in Monster Hunter Stories 2, you are in luck because it’s one of the two first items you can make using the Combine Menu. The Combine Menu works similar to crafting in other games or MHR. The Paintballs can come in handy when dealing with monsters. Here is all you need to know about getting paintballs and using them in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

How to Get Paintballs in Monster Hunter Stories 2

To get Paintballs, you need to use the Combine Menu. You can bring up the menu by pressing X on Switch and going to the tab. The materials required to combine are 1 x Sap Plant and 1 x Paintberry. To use the Paintballs, equip it in the items menu and use it.

Paintballs are most effective against low HP monsters and boost the monster’s retreat chance by 3 turns. If you manage to beat the monster with three turns, the monster will retreat and lead you to its den. You can then raid the den for eggs.

So, that’s how to get and use Paintballs in Monster Hunter Stories 2. Below are some of the FAQs for the game.

Q – Do eggs respawn in dens?

A – No the eggs do not respawn, but the dens do. We will have to see if this changes in the main game.

Q – Does Monster Hunter Stories 2 have mini-games?

A – Yes the game has mini-games like cooking meat mini-game. But, there aren’t so many.

Q – Can you change Battle Buddy Monstie?

A – No you cannot change the Battle Buddy. It’s permanent for the rest of the game.

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