Monster Hunter Stories 2

Monster Hunter Stories 2 – How to Farm Bottle Caps

Monster Hunter Stories 2 - How to Farm Bottle Caps

Bottle Caps are quite essential in Monster Hunter World 2: Wings of Ruin. For one, they are required to increase the stable slots, which can allow you to house more monsters. It’s the most important use of the Bottle Caps as you start the game. As you follow through the story, you will come upon Melynx, it’s the vendor where you would use all your Bottle Caps for weapons, armor, Stable slots, and more. Stick with this guide and we will tell you the best ways to farm Bottle Caps in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

How to Farm Bottle Caps in Monster Hunter Stories 2

Bottle Caps are found in Everdens and there is at least one in each area. As part of the story, you will come upon the first Everden and it will provide you with 10 Bottle Caps, which is sufficient for the first upgrade of the Stable Slot, but as you progress and require other things from Melynx you will need to know how to farm Bottle Caps in the game.

As Everdens is the only place you can find Bottle Caps, you need a quicker way to find them, so you can collect the item. The visual difference between a normal den and an Everden is that the Everden has smoother stone pillars, unlike the normal dens that have jagged boulders.

In the demo, we have currently known about four Everdens, but we will update the post as we know about more of them. The four Everdens are:

  1. The first Everden that’s part of the story and gives you 10 Bottle Caps. This area also has another two Everdens, but they are inaccessible in the demo.
  2. Go to the area behind the Stable and accept the two egg quests, you can get a few of them there.
  3. Pona Everden
  4. North Kamuna Everden
  5. Spire Rock Everden

The monster dens are marked on the map, so you can easily go to them and check out if it’s an Everden. We will update this post and tell you all the dens that are Everdens when the game releases.

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