Monster Hunter Stories 2

Monster Hunter Stories 2 – How to Easily Get Flame Sac

Monster Hunter Stories 2 – How to Get Flame Sac

If you have played MH Rise, you would be familiar with the Flame Sac. It’s one of the many, but crucial items required in the game. And the same stands for Monster Hunter Stories 2. The Flame Sac is an internal organ of a monster, so the only way to get it is to take down a monster. Stick with the guide and we will show you how to get your hand on Flame Sac in the easiest way possible.

How to Easily Get Flame Sac in Monster Hunter Stories 2

The Flame Sac can be obtained from a range of Monsters that are fire elementals, meaning they breathe fire. To get Flame Sac you need to take down the monsters, the first monster you will encounter that will provide you the item is the Yian-Kut-Ku. Other monsters that have a chance at dropping the Flame Sac are Rathian and Rathalos.


As you explore the game, there would be other monsters as well that drop this item, just keep watch for any monster that breathes fire and it would have a chance of dropping the Flame Sac.

There are other ways to come upon the item such as through treasure chest or side-quests. Besides that, you will need to hunt monsters to find them.    

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