Monster Hunter Stories 2

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Crashing at Startup, Not Launching, or Won’t Start

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Crash at Startup, Not Launching, or Won't Start

Monster Hunter Stories 2 is a spin-off of the popular Monster Hunter Series by the same developer and publisher CAPCOM. Like the latest title in the series MHR, Wings of Ruin also has several cool mechanics that players new and returning will enjoy. However, the last thing you expect when starting a game is to crash. Monster Hunter Stories 2 crashing at startup is the worst thing a game can encounter. Unfortunately, it’s also a problem that’s hard to fix due to the sheer number of reasons that can lead to the error. Let’s have a look at the reasons and solutions that are causing the Monster Hunter Stories 2 crash.

Note: This is a pre-launch guide with assumptive solutions. If they don’t work for you, return to the post after a day from launch. We will update the post when we get out hands on the game. Do ensure to leave a comment about your issue.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 – How to Fix Crash at Startup and Not Launching Issue

Monster Hunter Stories 2 not launching can be caused by several reasons, but before you start with the solutions, it’s crucial that you ensure that you meet the minimum specifications to play the game. Failing to meet the system requirements may be the reason the game is crashing on your system. Here are the solutions you can try.

  1. Overlays could be causing the crash
    • Overlays are great but sometimes they can interfere with the game’s processes leading to crash at startup. Hence, we suggest that you disable all overlays before starting the game such as the Steam Overlay, Discord Overlay, and GeForce Experience Overlay. The Steam overlay is infamous for crashing games at startup, so you should start there.
  2.  Your antivirus may be the problem
    • If your antivirus is detecting the game or parts of it as a malware or Trojan it will not allow it to run and that may cause the problem. For testing purpose, we suggest that you disable the Windows Defender and attempt to play the game. If the game works fine, whitelist the game on your antivirus software.
  3. Change the Display Mode
    • Sometimes specific modes of the game can crash a game such as Borderless windowed mode. If you cannot access the menu due to Monster Hunter Stories 2 crash at startup, change the display mode from the config or settings file. It’s the .ini file in your install directory. Try to play the game in Fullscreen mode.
  4. Lack of permission could be the cause
    • Lack of administrative rights can also lead to the problem. Unlike the past, very few games these days have a problem with permission, but they do happen every once in a while and it does not hurt, so start the game with admin permissions. Here are the steps to do that.
      • Go to the install folder (right-click on game in your library > Properties > Local Files > Browse)
      • At the location, look for the game executable (.exe file)
      • Right-click on the executable and select Run as an administrator.
  5. Instable GPU or CPU
    • The GPU and CPU can become unstable when there is too much strain on it due to excessive demand by the game or overclocking. If your system meets the requirements to play the game, the former should not be the cause. However, OC is known to crash so many games and that may be the cause for now. So, if Monster Hunter Stories 2 is not launching and you are overclocking via MSI Afterburner, disable it. Also, disable GeForce Experience as that can also be the cause.

That’s all we have in this guide, but we will update the post a day from the launch of the game so return back if Monster Hunter Stories 2 is still crashing.   

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