Monster Hunter Rise – Where to Find Quetzalcobra and Take Picture

There are quite a number of things you can do in Monster Hunter Rise such as finding and taking the photo of rare Endemic Life such as the Quetzalcobra. MH Rise has so much to offer besides the main story quests and the search for items for better weapons. If you just halt in your tracks there are hidden areas and content that you can find and log in your Hunter’s Note. The game has five rare endemic life in all the five maps. The Quetzalcobra is one of the most exciting. It’s basically a cobra with the Monster Hunter twist.

When you are done playing the game, you can embark on Expeditions to find these create and photograph them for Hunter’s Note. The Quetzalcobra is one of the easiest to find, given you know where to look. Here, we will show you how to find Quetzalcobra and take photos in Monster Hunter Rise.

Where to Find Quetzalcobra and Take Picture in Monster Hunter Rise

To find Quetzalcobra and take picture in Monster Hunter Rise, you need to go to the Flooded Forest at night. You can either start an Expedition specifying night time or you can go and wait for it to be night (you may also see it at day time, but we didn’t). The Quetzalcobra is at the east of the Pyramid, there is an opening with a Shrine. The Cobra should be on top of it.

Monster Hunter Rise Quetzalcobra Flooded Forest

The spawn rate is not guaranteed, so you may have to try a few times before you get your shot. When you encounter the Quetzalcobra, you can take a photo using the Photo Mode and it will be added to the Hunter’s Note. You can even display the photo in your room in Kamura Village.

Compared to the other rare Endemic Life, the Quetzalcobra is easier to find, just find the entrance to the pyramid and the cobra should be there, given it spawns.    

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