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Monster Hunter Rise: What Is A Commendation Ticket And How To Get It?

Monster Hunter Rise how to get commendation ticket

If you are looking to craft some high-end equipment, then you would also be on the lookout for commendation tickets. These are rare items, and a lot of weapons need commendation tickets for crafting. In this guide, we will how to get a Commendation Ticket and what it is.

Monster Hunter Rise: What is a Commendation Ticket and How to get it?

If you accept the quests from the Village and the Hub, there will be some that require you to slay multiple monsters. The Commendation Tickets are some of the rewards that you can get for completing the quest. Your best bet would be to complete quests that hand out Commendation in 3-star Hubs and 6-star Village tiers. You can also farm Kamura Tickets from the Village quests and Guild Tickets from the Hub.

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Some of the quests that you can take from the Village and the Hub that can give you Commendation are:

  • A Test of Courage
  • Like a Flash of Lightning
  • King of the Sky & Bane of the Land
  • Tail to Tail
  • Beastly Chaos
  • Disastrously Beautiful

High Commendation Tickets

Standard Commendation Tickets are great for Low Ranking weapons, but if you are looking for something flashier then you can go searching for some High Commendation Tickets. The same way that is needed to get the standard Commendation Tickets, is the same way to farm the high Commendations too. You will need to accept the 7-star High Ranking quests from the Hub if you want a chance to get these. You can try the following quests to see if you are up for the challenge.  

  • Ruckus in the Ruins
  • Occupational Hazards
  • A Whirlwind of a Stage

That’s all there is to know about how to get Commendation Tickets and what they are in Monster Hunter Rise. You can check out our other guides on the site to know more about the game.

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