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Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) – Sword Guide | How to Use and Moves

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Monster Hunter returns to Nintendo, this time with a new instalment, Monster Hunter Rise, which will debut on March 26, 2021, on the Nintendo Switch. Fans are wondering from now, what would be the changes in this new instalment? The Monster Hunter series is popular for its over-the-top fierce and wild weapons and this time the game includes a new game mechanics the Wirebug. So, for a sneak peek, here we have provided a complete Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) – Sword Guide for you. Let’s check it out and learn everything about the new weapons and their actions.

Monster Hunter Rise – Great Sword | How to Use

The Great Sword offers an irresistible and devastating power. It offers the following two actions:

Monster Hunter Rise - Great Sword

Power Sheathe

This sword delivers chopping blows with incredible force. The Great Sword has plentiful charge attacks so if you want to use it properly, you should have a good timing skill, picking your moments to release some of its bigger moves.  

The unique action of this Sword is called “Power-Stow”. Its skill-bind attack allows the players to race with their sword stowed away. Also, this sword will increase the players’ attacking power for a short spell using the Wire Bug’s assistance. This new weapon deals with weighty and massive attacks that can be charged up for extra damages to overwhelm beasts.

Hunting Edge

Hunting Edge seems to be a fancy aerial move that sees you spinning through the sky before landing a damaging blow to your unlucky prey. Like Power Sheathe, Hunting Edge also allows players to move quickly, so make sure to use it effectively to dodge attacks.

Monster Hunter Rise – Long Sword | How to Use

The official Monster Hunter Twitter handle describes Long Sword as a “Cool, calm, and collected” weapon. It offers the following two actions:

Monster Hunter Rise - Long Sword

Serene Pose

In Monster Hunter Rise, the first move from the Long Sword is “Serene Pose”. This sword allows the player to take a hit when the weapon is ready to achieve a counterattack. Since this is a strong move, you will need careful timing to pull it off. As always, if the monster will move to another target, then the hunter won’t be able to move and it will become like a statue for some seconds and won’t be able to help.

Soaring Kick

The 2nd move is “Soaring Kick” which uses the Wire Bug to launch the Long Sword-wielder into a jump kick which connects to a Plunging Thrust. Landing the thrust will automatically fill up your Spirit Gauge for a short time. Additionally, you can also follow-up the kick using a Spirit Helm Breaker at the cost of 1 Spirit Gauge Level. This kick can be exceptionally powerful but it involves careful timing. 

Monster Hunter Rise – Sword & Shield | How to Use

This is another classic weapon: Sword & Shield which is very versatile. It offers three actions:

Monster Hunter Rise - Sword & Shield

Falling Shadow

This is the first unique action that offers a forward-leaping and stylish attack. Upon landing a hit, it resumes with a Scaling Slash that also could be followed-up with a Falling Bash in mid-air.

Also, with the vertical thrust, you will have the chance to ride or mount the monster and you can give additional damage to it.


The windmill is the defensive move that uses blades around the body. It will help to quash a hit from the enemy. If you will use it correctly, it can become a very important weapon as it prevents from enemy’s fierce attacks in Monster Hunter Rise. 

Guard Slash

An opportunity of guard point is added not to the Guard Slash. When you will trigger the guard point successfully, you will be able to execute the Perfect Rush.

Monster Hunter Rise – Dual Blades | How to Use

The Dual Blades in Monster Hunter Rise is described as “Lithe, agile, and Relentless”. It offers the following two actions:

Monster Hunter Rise - Dual Blades

Shrouded Vault

This action will move you forward in a designated direction. And if you will get hit while in the motion, a spinning attack will be triggered. 

Piercing Bind

This action will quite literally tie a monster to the player using the Wirebug so it will allow some extra attacks in. When the body part is attacked again, it will impose an additional blow. After some time, the Kunai will be blasted.

Monster Hunter Rise – Charge Blade | How to Use

This weapon can be used as a Sword and Shield combo or also can be combined to make a mighty axe. It offers the following two moves:

Monster Hunter Rise - Charge Blade

Morphing Advance

It hurls you forward and switches your blades from Sword Mode to Axe Mode. This action uses a Wirebug to launch yourself forward. And while you are in the motion, attacks by the monsters will not knock you back or stun you.

Counter Peak Performance

This attack will hold your hunter to the ground using threads. When you will be attacked, the charge blade’s phials will be charged fully and can be chained to a Super Elemental Discharge. This action is best used at the beginning of the battel and also it is a quick way to refilling. It makes it more efficient than depending on Sword Mode strikes.

That’s all! Hope you guys have learned a lot about the weapons and their unique actions in Monster Hunter Rise. Do not forget to let us know in the comment section below, which one you liked the most!!

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