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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak- Where to Find Pale Steak

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak- Where to Find Pale Steak

Pale Steak is a crafting and upgrading material in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. If you have been playing the Sunbreak Expansion, you have already found lots of materials that you need to craft or upgrade armor, weapons, or other in-game items. If you are looking for Pale Steak but haven’t yet found it, you are at the right place. This guide will help you know the way to get Pale Steak in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

Pale Steak in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak- How to Obtain?

In Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, you can either find materials from some specific locations or by defeating some particular creatures. Pale Steak can be found by defeating Khezu. If you have played the previous Monster Hunter Rise games, Khezu is not a new creature for you. This monster has made its way to the Sunbreak expansion.

Khezu drops several items, but to get Pale Steak, players need to play in Master Rank. If you chase Khezu in Master Rank, the probability of getting Pale Steak increases. In Master Rank, you’ll have a 16% chance to get Pale Steak during battles if you break its head. Also, in Master Rank, if you encounter a Khezu, you’ll get items like- Mystic Hardfang, Lightning Sac, Pearl Glosshide, and a few more items besides Pale Steak.

Alternatively, you can fight Khezu at High Rank to get Pale Steak. In High Rank, there are different chances to get Pale Steak-

  • Players can have a 12% chance to get Pale Steak if they break its head in High Rank
  • Players will get an 8% chance to get Pale Steak as Target Reward in High Rank
  • Players will have a 10% chance to get Pale Steak a Capturing reward if they capture Khezu.

Though it seems that High Rank has more chances to get Pale Steak, it is better to battle Khezu in Master Rank. Because Khezu doesn’t drop additional items in High rank, but in Master Rank, you’ll get several other items along with Pale Steak. But remember, you may not get enough Pale Steak at the first chance as the drop rate of this item is low in both ranks. Therefore, you must battle Khezu several times to get the required Pale Steak.

Once you get the material, take it to the Smithy at Elgado Outpost, and you can upgrade weapons like Full Bolt Chamber (2 Pale Steak), Galvanized Core (1 Pale Steak), Khezu Hypo (1 Pale Steak), Painful Razor (1 Pale Steak), High Volt Gunlance (1 Pale Steak), etc. Also, you can craft armor and equipment like Khezu Mail X (1 Pale Steak), and Khezu Greaves S (1 Pale Steak)

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