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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak- Where to Find Hydro Piel

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak- Where to Find Hydro Piel

Resources and materials are the two main elements in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. If you have been playing the game for quite a long time, you are aware that Sunbreak has numerous resources and materials available that either help you craft armor or equipment or upgrade them. Hydro Piel is one of those materials that players need to craft various armor sets in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. This guide will help you know where you can find Hydro Piel in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

Hydro Piel Location in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak- How to Obtain?

Hydro Piel is a common crafting material that players will get from both Regular hunts and Expeditions, and the drop rate is pretty high. But of course, you can’t get it randomly from everywhere. Players only get Hydro Piel from Ludroth. Ludroth is found in the Flooded Forest, Lava Caverns (Watery part), and Jungle, and when you encounter Ludroth, their chance of dropping Hydro Piel is highest.  Players only need to kill and carve the body of Ludroth to get Hydro Piel which is not at all a difficult task. Carving the body of Ludroth has a 68% chance of giving you, Hydro Piel.

Though Ludroth is a Master Rank Monster and looks pretty dangerous, it is not difficult to deal with. Rather, you can say it takes considerably less effort to defeat Ludroth. To fight Ludroth, use weapons that deal Thunder and Fire damage because Ludroth is specifically weak to Fire and Thunder damage. Also, finding Ludroth is not difficult; you can get Ludroth through several quests and in sufficient numbers to get enough Hydro Piel. Once you find a Ludroth, kill it and carve its body to get Hydro Piel. Players don’t need to catch Ludroth because it is of no use.

Once you get enough, you can use them to craft various weapons and equipment. For example- Ludroth Greaves X (2 Hydro Piel), Ludroth Braces X (2 Hydro Piel), Droth Coil X (2 Hydro Piel), Five Element Grab (2 Hydro Piel), Droth Mail X (3 Hydro Piel), Edel Foila X (2 Hydro Piel), Double Droth+ (4 Hydro Piel), Ludroth Helm X (2 Hydro Piel), Vaik Helm X (2 Hydro Piel), etc.

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