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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak- Where to Find Chic Crest

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak- Where to Find Chic Crest

If you have been playing Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, you have seen several resources and materials in the game that you can collect from different locations or creatures and use to craft or upgrade your weapons or armor. Chic Crest is one of those resources that players will get pretty early in the game and craft armor and equipment. This guide will help you know how you can get Chic Crest in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

Chic Crest Location in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak- How to Obtain?

Chic Crest is a resource that players can get from Royal Ludroth. Royal Ludroth is a giant creature you can fight at the initial levels of the Master Rank, and this monster is comparatively easy to deal with. During your Master Rank quest, you’ll find this creature, and it has the highest chance of dropping Chic Crest.

To get Chic Crest, target to damage the head of Royal Ludroth, and then try to hit its face. These two body parts have the highest probability (80%) of giving you Chic Crest, particularly the head. This monster is weak to Blunt and Slash weapons, especially Blunt weapons. Therefore, use these weapons to speed up the process. You can bring your teammates with you to fight this monster.

Alternatively, you can get Chic Crest by completing the quest against Royal Ludroth, but the chance is too low (only 10%). Therefore. Try to hit the head of Royal Ludroth to get Chic Crest. As a Master Rank monster, this monster is not at all challenging; therefore, you don’t need to think of other options; you can fight Royal Ludroth to get Chic Crest.

Once you get adequate Chic Crest, go to the Smithy in Elgado Outpost to craft weapons and equipment like Cataclysm Blade+ (2 Chic Crest), Royal Torrent+ (3 Chic Crest), Royal Ludroth Claw+ (2 Chic Crest), Spiral Splash+ (2 Chic Crest), Ludroth Helm X (2 Chic Crest), etc. Also, it’ll upgrade weapons like Royal Tempest (1 Chic Crest), Cataclysm Bade+ (2 Chic Crest), Royal Torrent+ (1 Chic Crest), etc.

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