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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Seregios- How to Beat

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Seregios- How to Beat

In Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, several unique and powerful enemies are available in the game that players need to defeat to progress through the gameplay. Seregios is one of those enemies who give players a hard time beating them. This guide will help you know how to defeat Seregios in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Seregios- Guide to Defeat

Seregios is a Flying Wyvern with golden scales on his body. This feature makes it look different than others. Seregios is not a new introduction to this expansion. It was first included in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Before starting the fight, you need to know where you will find Seregios in the game. Currently, Seregios is located in Citadel, Shrine Ruins, and Sandy Plains.

The most frequently used attacks of Seregios are Talon Attack, where Seregios will fly and use his claws to damage the players; Talon Scratch, where Seregios will scratch you with its feet if you are close to him; Tail Club, where Seregios starts hovering over you and either sweeps its tails to damage you and throw scales at you, or spin in the air and come towards you to attack you with it claws; and Spit and Spin attack, where Seregios will roar at you and throw scales at you, at the same time, it spins and tries to attack you with its tail. Besides these, there are several more attacks Seregios use to attack players. Players must be careful of these attacks and avoid them as much as possible because the attacks of Seregios inflict Bleeding status effect.

Seregios is weak to Ice, Thunder, and Blunt Damage. Therefore, try to use blunt weapons like hammers equipped with Ice and Thunder damage. Try to attack the Neck, Abdomen, Legs, and Head of the Seregios because these are the weakest part of the body. Avoid its tail and wings. Keep attacking these parts of Seregios and while attacking him, make sure to avoid his attacks; otherwise, you may receive the Bleeding Effect, which will drain your health as the enemy attacks you. Also, no potion will work at that time, and you have to attack Seregios constantly to avoid the adverse effect of Bleeding.

That’s all you need to know about how to defeat Seregios in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Upon defeat, Seregios drops Seregios Airblade, Seregios Carver, Seregios Breachers, Seregios Slavescales, Seregios Impaler, Large Wyvern Tear, and Seregios Scrapers.

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