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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Purecrystal – Where to Find and How to Use

Purecrystal is a rare crafting material used in forging or upgrading weapons and armor. In this guide, we’ll see how Purecrystal works and where to find them in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. 

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak – Purecrystal: Where to Find and How to Use

Purecrystal is an important crafting material, but it is quite rare to come across one. Here we will see where to find Purecrystal and how to use it in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. 

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While Purecrystal is rare, there are some areas where you can farm them easily. If you head over to the Flooded Forest mining nodes, you can farm plenty of Purecrystal here. It is best to select the Flooded Forest Expedition Tour, and it is recommended to use the Leather X armor set to increase the amount of times you can use the same gathering spot. Also, equipping the Geologist skill can help you farm more Purecrystal. The best way to mine Purecrystal is to fast travel to the northernmost Basecamp, then work your way around the area to find all the ore nodes. 

As mentioned earlier, Purecrystal is a crafting material used to make armor and weaponry. Below are all the items you can create using Purecrystal, and how many of them you need. 

  • Ceanataur Coil: 2 Purecrystal
  • Vaik Helm: 2 Purecrystal
  • Ingot Helm: 1 Purecrystal
  • Ingot Mail: 1 Purecrystal
  • Ingot Vambraces: 1 Purecrystal
  • Ingot Coil: 1 Purecrystal
  • Ingot Greaves: 1 Purecrystal

That’s all there is to know about Purecrystal and how to get and use them in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well. 

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