Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak- Every Small Monster Location

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak- Every Small Monster Location

Enemies are the main attraction in the action, shooting, and fighting games, and when your opponent is a Monster, it doubles the excitement. In Monster Hunter Rise, monsters are always an integral part of the game, and in the Sunbreak expansion, players will find several newly introduced monsters. Some are giant monsters, while some are small in size. This guide will discuss the small monsters in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

Small Monsters in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak- Their Locations and other details

If you have played action-fighting games before, you are aware of the monsters generally featured in those games. The giant monsters are attractive and usually challenging creatures, but don’t take the small monsters lightly. In Sunbreak, you can have a hard time fighting these tiny monsters. Also, these monsters drop some essential materials to upgrade weapons and equipment. Below is the list of the small monsters in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak-

NameLocationTypeDrop Items
CeanataurFlooded ForestCarapaceonTough Claw (chance 32%), Carapaceon Brains (chance 20%), and Ceanataur Shell (chance 48%)
HermitaurJungleCarapaceonTiny Hermitaur Shell (chance 48%), Carapaceon Brains (chance 20%), and Tough Claw (chance 27%)    
BoggiCitadelBird WyvernCrushing Fang (15%), Boggi Thickhide (chance 52%), and Boggi Shard (chance 33%)
HornetaurJungleNeopteronHornetaur Razorwing (chance 32%), Monster Essence (chance 18%), Hornetaur Cortex (chance 40%)
GowngoatCitadelHerbivoreGowngoat Fleeceball (chance 20%), Large Herbivore Bone (chance 28%), Raw Meat (10%), and Gowngoat Thickfur (chance 42%)
VespoidJungleNeopteronVespoid Razorwing (Chance 32%), Monster Essence (chance 25%), and Vespoid Cortex (chance 43%)
PyrantulaLava cavernsTemnoceranMonster Essence (chance 31%), Tough Claw (chance 17%), Pyrantula Maroon Thread (chance 52%)
VelocipreyJungleBird WyvernVelociprey Thickhide (chance 32%), Tough Claw (chance 20%), Velociprey Shard (chance 48%)

These are all the small monsters in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. These small monsters are the source to get some of the essential materials. While looking for some material to upgrade your armor or weapons, check out the above list, and you’ll know whom you need to battle.

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