Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise: Shrine Ruins Permabuffer Routes

Monster Hunter Rise Shrine Ruin Permabuffer route

If you wish to get stronger in Monster Hunter Rise, you will need to boost your attack, health, defense, and stamina. The best way to do that is to get a petalace and spiribirds to give you the boost in stats. Doing this is called Permabuffers. Though it is optional, it makes a massive difference to your gameplay. In this guide, we will see how to collect the Shrine Ruins Permabuffers.

Monster Hunter Rise: Shrine Ruins Permabuffer routes

Here we will cover everything about petalaces, spiribirds, and the routes you can take to get the permabuffers. Getting permabuffers will give you a boost while hunting down all the enemies in the Shrine Ruins.

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Petalaces and Spiribirds

Petalaces are charm bracelets that collect pollen dropped by spiribirds. Different colored spiribird grant different boosts, such as red spiribirds for attack, orange ones for defense, green for health, and yellow spiribirds for stamina. Petalace determines the number of benefits you can get from permabuffers. Playing Monster Hunter Rise will give you more petalaces.

Shrine Ruins Permabuffers

Landing in the Shrine Ruins is fairly easy, as you come across it by chance when you are hunting monsters on the map. But wherever you are heading, make sure to pick up all the spiribirds around the area. The west and eastern edges of the map that take you over the ridges and near the waterfall are the best places to pick up a few spiribirds before heading to the ruins.

That’s all there is to know about getting the Shrine Ruins Permabuffers in Monster Hunter Rise. You can check out our other guides on the site to know more.

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