Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) Palamute Guide

Monster Hunter Rise Palamute Guide

Monster Hunter Rise will be a new experience for new as well as long-time fans with the inclusion of new mechanics to the game such as the Wirebug (Wirebug attack moves, and general Wirebug movements), Wyvern Riding, and Palamute. The Palamute are companion creatures in the game that can be used for mounting and travelling almost everywhere in the game as well as for combat. If you play solo, you can take more than one Palamute. Here is all we know about Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) Palamute from combat to mounting.

Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) Palamute Guide

The Palamute is a mountable canine that introduced with Monster Hunter Rise (MHR). Unlike other companions, the Palamute has a more active role and can be a great replacement for players, useful for gamers who prefer to play solo. The canine can be used for offence, defense, and as a mount. Here is everything you need to know about the new companion in Monster Hunter Rise.

Palamute in Combat

Palamute plays an active role in combat. It would often attack the monsters first and provide the much-needed distraction in fights. Companions are not new to the Monster Hunter Series, but none were as involved as the Palamute. With the right customization, the companion can become even better at offense. You can even fight while mounted on the canine.

How to Ride Palamute in Monster Hunter Rise

Players are expected to ride the Palamute for a range of reasons. It saves the hunters stamina and make it easier to cover large distances quickly. To ride the Palamute, you have to summon it first by hitting the A button. You can do the same from the Action bar, by selecting “Let Me Ride” option. When mounted on the canine, use the R button for Dash, ZR for jump, ZL for drift, and the X button for attack and other functions like sharpen weapons, consume, and potions.

The Palamute is a great companion to have by your side and would come handy in most fights. They are especially useful against monsters that spawn with smaller monsters or minions. The canine can keep the smaller monsters busy while you deal with the main boss.

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