Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) – Where to Find Endemic Life in Shrine Ruins

Endemic Life plays an important role in Monster Hunter Rise. These small-sized creatures are spread throughout the Landscape and Capcom decided to make endemic life a vital resource that you can use to apply buffs and de-buffs. Also, you can create traps that will be helpful in your quest. Let’s learn where to find endemic life in Shrine Ruins in MHR. The Shrine Ruins is one of the new locations introduced to Monster Hunter Rise in the second demo of the game.

Where to Find Endemic Life in Shrine Ruins in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR)

The map for the Shrine Ruins was revealed in January that unlocked in the Rise Demo 2.0. Most of the endemic life will be situated in the same spots on the map. Here is the complete details.

1. The Great Wirebugs

These excellent little fireflies allow you to fight across the map without a hook. If you will use this Endemic Life, you will feel like a spider man as you will be able to swing across the wide expanses.

These bugs do a great job as they cross several mountains and hills much easier on the maps. Fortunately, they found across the Shrine Ruins. Here are some of their top locations.

– Behind the tent, in the camp on the south end of the map.

– In zone 2, one of the ledges of the waterfall.

– To the south side of Zone 6 at the top of the waterfall (east side of the river).

– In zone 2, at the cliffs’ top.

– In zone 7, north side next to the village.

– You will also find several Wirebus riversides between zone 13 and zone 6.

– In zone 13, on the cliff.

– Just above the 9 on the map, you will get a trio of Wirebugs.

2. Other Endemic Life in Shrine Ruins

When you see more Wirebugs than expected, remember, they are not Wirebugs but other endemic life species which you need to collect. Following are the locations to find out:

– Antidobra: You will find them between zone 2 and 6 by the waterfall.

– Escuregot: Go west on the cliff from the Stinkmink.

– Firebeetle: Between zones 1 and 2 at the top of the mountain.

– Blastoad: Head to the North on the cliff from zone 9.

– Poisontoad: To the south of zone 13, near the river.

– Stinkmink: To the west of zone 1 on the cliffs and the west of zone 4 in the forest.

– Snowbeetle: In zone 3, to the west, on the cliffs.

– Wailnard: Besides the cliffs to the southwest of zone 7.

– Puppet Spider: To the west in Zone 5 on the cliffs.

– Thunderbeetle: In zone 9, in the center.

That’s all! We hope this guide will be helpful to find Endemic Life in Shrine Ruins in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR). Learn more about this incredible game – Learn Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) – How to Use Photo Mode?

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