Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) – What is the Best Beginner Weapon?

The wait is finally over. In a few hours, the latest instalment of Monster Hunter will be released. In this new Monster Hunter Rise, there will be a total of fourteen weapons to choose from. It may not sound like too much but it can overwhelm new players easily. As such, if you are wondering which are the best beginner weapons we will help you decide.

Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) – What is the Best Beginner Weapon?

1. Long Sword

One of the two weapons that we are recommending for the beginner is the ‘Long Sword’ and the second one is Light Bowgun. Long Sword is one of the best melee weapons to use. This weapon offers a powerful combo and provides a very long reach which helps to damage tremendously. Also, a long sword has many counterattack opportunities which will allow you to become aggressive against a monster.

Features of Long Sword weapon

– Very high DPS

– Easy to play with

– Offers high damage ceiling

– Flawless for aggressive gameplay

2. Light Bowgun

If you want to dare soon with ranged weapons, we recommend going with Light Bowgun which is the perfect weapon for a beginner. It is portable and comparatively safer as it attacks from the distance.  

Also, it allows evading and reloading quickly. Moreover, it can apply status effects to a monster with its ammo types that makes this weapon, an incredible support weapon.

Features of Light Bowgun weapon

– Easier to carry than Heavy Bowgun

– Keeps you in a safe distance relatively

– This weapon is recommended for players who want to try ranged weapons 

– Rapid-fire

– Evade reloading slide

3. Hammer

Hammer is also one of the great melee weapons for the beginner. Like all other weapons, it also features an upgrade path and a unique set of moves.

The main strength of this weapon is its attacking power and ability to stun. Also, it can move even while in charge, which will be helpful to you to deal with monsters with quick movements. 

Hammer weapon comes with 3 Silkbind attacks in MHR:

– Silkbind Spinning Bludgeon

– Impact Crater

– Dash Breaker 

Features of Hammer weapon

– Simple move and mechanics

– Decent mobility even when the weapon is unsheathed

– Both Silkbind Spinning Bludgeon and Impact Crater are great to hit targets above

4. Sword and Shield

If you love to defend yourself in the game, nothing is better than Sword and Shield weapon. It offers a great recovery per hit. ‘Perfect Rush’ is returned with this weapon and it is still powerful like before. Sword and Shield weapon is the only weapon from the list that can use items without sheathing the weapons. Also, this weapon has a high rate of hits and allows them to deal elemental damage quicker.

Features of Sword and Shield weapon

– Stun with shield

– High damage

– No need to sheathe to use things

That’s all with this guide. These are the best beginner weapons according to us. However, it all depends on your play style. Many players first will prefer Hammer or Sword and Shield and then they will move to Long Sword. It is all about your preference. Let us know in the comment section below, which weapon suits you the most?

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