Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) – Rhenoplos Egg Location

If you have accepted the “Bunny Dango – with Eggs!” request, you will have to find one Rhenoplos Egg to fulfil the request. It’s a quick task and should not take you long. However, there is always a chance you have gone past the area and didn’t notice the item or you are having difficulty finding the eggs. As such, we are here to help, we will indicate the exact area where you can find the Rhenoplos Egg in Monster Hunter Rise. The client for the request is Yomogi the Chief and the reward for completion is Dizzybloom Dango.

Where to Find Rhenoplos Egg in MH Rise | Monster Hunter Rise

To get the Rhenoplos Egg in Monster Hunter Rise, you must select the ‘A Tour of the Plains’ village quest as that where you will find a Rhenoplos and its nest. Hence, the eggs. Go to Area 11 of the Sandy Plains map and you will find a Rhenoplos nest there.

Bunny Dango – with Eggs!” request MHR

To locate the next, first find the Ruins, it’s at the centre of the Sandy Plains map. Look for a tunnel that takes you inside the Ruins. Once you get inside, you will find a pond and a tree next to it. The next right next to the tree.

That’s it, go to the nest and pick up the MH Rise Rhenoplos Egg.       

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