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Monster Hunter Rise (MHR | MH Rise) – How to Farm Elder Dragon Bone

Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) How to Farm Elder Dragon Bone

Even when you have faced the final monster in MH Rise, it’s not the end of the world, there is a lot of things you can still do in the game such as get the best weapon possible. The Elder Dragon Bone is a rare item in the game that allows you to craft or upgrade some really impressive weapons. One of them is an upgrade in the Long Sword tree, the Doom Bringer Blade is in the Almudron Tree Long Sword. In order to get this item, it’s essential that you have become an Elite and gone through all the High Rank quests. Here is how to farm Elder Dragon Bone in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR).

How to Farm Elder Dragon Bone in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR | MH Rise)

To farm Elder Dragon Bone in Monster Hunter Rise, you will have to complete certain specific quest. The item can only be obtained as a quest reward. There is no other way to obtain the item. The quest that you need to complete is the Serpent Goddess of Thunder. It’s a seven star High Rank Hub quest that requires you to take down the super strong monster, the Thunder Serpent Narwa.

Thunder Serpent Narwa Monster Hunter Rise

There isn’t another way to farm the item, each run of the quest rewards you a single Elder Dragon Bone that is if it drops. To craft the Doom Bringer Blade, you require 3 Elder Dragon Bone, so you will have to grind the quest several times before you have the required amount of the bone to craft your weapon or armor of desire.

When taking on the Thunder Serpent Narwa, your weapon of choice should exploit its weakness of Dragon and Ice. Also, bring along Thunder-resistant armor so you have the best chance against the beast. Do not go with thunder weapons as that’s one of the strengths of the Narwa.  

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