Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) – How to Stay Alive

Monster Hunter Rise - How to Stay Alive

Monster Hunter Rise is a lot of things, but one of the most important is staying alive as you encounter challenging monster, the next more challenging than the current. If you manage to stay alive long enough, you will eventually take down the monster at hand and others in the game. So, how to stay alive in Monster Hunter Rise. Well, there are a few things you can do, especially if this is your first game in the series. While the game is pretty informative on how to play it, there are certain things that are not told and we will focus this post on those tiny details, so you can stay live longer and dodge monster attacks in crucial moments.

How to Stay Alive in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise)

The Wirebug is your best friend and the sooner you master the various moves with it the better off you are going to be in the game. The Wirebug can be used for evading attacks, repositioning yourself, and quickly getting out of the way of an attack. For a detailed guide on the use of the Wirebug, refer out linked guide. The Wirebug allows you to perform various moves and when timed right, you can evade monster attacks and possibly stay alive longer to defeat the monster.  

The Wirebug is quite detailed in the game, but the second one we want to talk about isn’t. One of the first things you should know about is the ability to forward jump. It can only be performed with the weapon sheathed and when you are running away from the Monster i.e. your back is towards the monster. You need to be sprinting by pressing the R button and then, hit the B button. You will make an awkward jump forward. It’s an important move for situations when you want to get out of a monster blast radius or the monster is lunging at you. The caveat of the move is it takes a while to get up and if you don’t act promptly, you may be lying there and a sitting duck. So, the key is timing, practice, and knowing when to perform the move, just like every other thing in the game.

Between evading attacks and dealing damage to the monster, you are bound to get some hits and would require to use healing to stay alive and continue the fight. Healing comes in various forms in Monster Hunter Rise and we have a guide for that as well. But, your most reliable partner would be the healing Potion and the Mega Potion. Both are fairly easy to obtain in the field, from Supply Boxes, and by crafting. To craft the Potion, you require just 1 Herb found in the fields. For the Mega Potion that restores a good amount of health, you require 1 Herb and 1 Honey. Consuming potion can take a great amount of time considering you are in a fight and even a few seconds in too much. So, you must time it well. When a monster has run out of stamina and is catching its breath, that’s the time to apply any healing. As you progress in the game, you will come across a range of items that makes healing more and its consumption is faster such as the Speed Eating. Lifepower is another item you will unlock as you progress. To get a better idea of all the healing items and other ways to healing, refer to the linked guide.

Another important aspect to stay alive in Monster Hunter Rise is the stamina bar. It’s below the health bar and determines the amount of damage you can do. You need to watch and while it refuels automatically, there are certain things you can do to ensure they remain max. With max stamina, you can perform multiple combos and moves one after the other. Eating is one of the quickest and the most effective ways to refuel stamina. In the field, you can hunt, gather meat, cook over a BBQ Spit, and then eat to gain stamina.   

Monster Hunter Rise is a complicated game, so it’s most likely we have missed something that you are aware about. You can let us know about anything you want to add in the comments. So, these are the basics you need to know to start the Monster Hunter Rise and stay alive for longer.      

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