Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) – How to Get More Zenny (Money) Fast

Zenny is the in-game currency in Monster Hunter Rise that’s used to perform all kinds of upgrades, but the most essential, it’s required to perform weapon and armor upgrades. You require a lot of money or Zenny in the game to perform upgrades. So, it’s crucial that you know how to get Zenny fast in Monster Hunter Rise. The best way to earn Zenny in MH Rise is to go on hunting quests. Here is all you need to know about earning more money in MHR.

How to Get Zenny (Money) Fast in Monster Hunter Rise

While the hunting quests reward a large amount of Zenny, the reward can get reduced depending on the number of times you faint while hunting a monster. If you are just starting out with the game, the money should not be a concern as great amounts of it is only required at High Rank weapon and armor upgrades. Nevertheless, knowing how to get money fast in Monster Hunter Rise would help you later in the game.

Another way to increase the amount of Zenny is to sell items. Most of the items in Monster Hunter Rise can be sold to vendors for money. So, that’ another way you can slowly stack up the Zennys.

While the above money does help you stack Zenny slowly, there are not ideal farming method and the time it can take to get a lot of money would be prolonged. There is another way you can get tons of money in the game.

How to Farm Hundreds of Thousands of Zenny Quickly in MHR

To farm Zenny in Monster Hunter Rise, you will first have to max out the Geologist and Botanist skills, which is Level 3 and 4 respectively. With these two skills maxed out, you will be able to gather extra resources in a single run.

Next, go to the Gathering Hub and speak to Minoto. You need to select “A Tour of the Caverns” from the Hub Quests. Now, press R to view the Locale Info. To farm the Zenny, there should be an Upsurge: Mining Outcrops in the Locale Info. It will change randomly after every quest. If there is no upsurge, reset the tour by completing a quest quickly. With a maxed out Botanist skill you should be able to complete missions faster than usual.

When there is an Upsurge: Mining Outcrops, confirm and enter the Expedition, but remember the upsurge only lasts for 10 minutes, so you need to be quick. On the map, you want to farm as many outcrops as possible. When the expedition is complete, you can sell all the Ore collected from Mining Outcrop for Zenny.

You can repeat this process to get more and more Zenny. As you explore the Lave Cavern maps repeatedly, you will get familiar with the spots that have mining outcrops and will be able to cover more during the 10-minute upsurge, allowing you to collect more ore and hence, more Zenny.

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