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Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) – How to Get and Use Whetstone

Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) - How to Get and Use Whetstones

Most weapon in Monster Hunter Rise that don’t use ammo will reduce its sharpness overtime as you attack with it. Maintaining the sharpness of the weapon is important if you want to continue to deal damage. If the weapon is blunt, it will bounce off of the monster and not deal any damage. Fortunately, there is an easy way to sharpen weapons in MHR. It is done with the use of Whetstone. If the game is telling you to sharpen your weapon and you don’t know how, don’t worry, we have got you covered. Keep reading and we will show you how to use Whetstone in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR).

How to Get Whetstone in Monster Hunter Rise

Unlike other items and materials in MHR, you do not have to do anything to get the Whetstone, it’s automatically added to your inventory whenever you choose to use a weapon that requires the Whetstone. In simple terms, the Whetstone is a sharpening item that can be used to sharpen all types of blade weapons and even blunt weapons like the hammer. So, now that you know the item is in your inventory if the game is asking you to sharpen your weapon, here is how to use it.  

How to Use Whetstone in Monster Hunter Rise

There are two ways to use the Whetstone in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR). One, use it anytime during a fight. Ideally, when the monster is catching its breath after having exhausted its stamina, which is not more than a few seconds or a new method in MHR and a better method as it does not expose you as much as the first method.

The best way to use the Whetstone to sharpen your weapons is to mount on the Palamute and do it while running across the battleground or away from the monster. Here is how to mount the Palamute and use the Whetstone.

  1. First thing first, sheathe your weapon
  2. Call the Palamute using the “Let me ride” command and mount the canine
  3. Hold L to open up the Item Bar and use the A and Y to go to the Whetstone
  4. Once at the item, release L and press Y to use the item.

When mounted on the Palamute, ride it normally evading attacks and using the item. If you want to use the Whetstone without the Palamute, the process is the same except you don’t have to mount the animal.

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