Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) – How to Craft New Armor and Upgrade

In Monster Hunter Rise, Armor denotes the armor that is designed uniquely based on the appearance of certain monsters. The best part of the armor is that it can be crafted by using the materials which drop when you’ll keep that particular monster. If you will wear certainly crafted armor from the monster’s parts, it will provide you with special effects. If you have no idea how to craft new armor and upgrade them, check out the following guide.

How to Craft New Armor in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR)

Crafting armor works the same as crafting weapons. You need to select the option to craft armor from the Smithy and you will see a long list to choose from.

The set of the armors is in order and it is organized by monsters and their Rarity value. The last armor on the list will be the better armor. It will be depended on how far you’re in the MHR. Also, you can select between High Rank and Low Rank (Higher the value, better the armor)

These are 5 pieces to any armor set: Helmet, Boots, Chest, Waist, and Arms.

You will require monster parts to craft these armor pieces. Each of the armor pieces comes with Perks set. For most of the Perks, various armor pieces that have the same perk escalate its effectiveness. In the early parts of the MH Rise, the value of your defense is much important than your perks so it is advisable to focus on that. However, as you go ahead in the game, consider the player type you’re in and look at the perks before you start crafting your armor.

How to Upgrade Armor in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR)

Upgrading armor is very simple in Monster Hunter Rise. You will only need ‘Armor Spheres’ that you can earn by finishing special requests and quests.

First of all, you can have as many armor sets as possible as each set has different weaknesses and resistances. And you have to be prepared accordingly to face different monsters you will confront during the game. And so, upgrading your armor is quite easy.

You need to talk to the Smithy and select the Armor option and then select the piece of armor you need to upgrade. All you need to do is to spend Armor Spheres to increase your gear’s rating and pay a bit of Zenny and you are all set! Remember – the higher level of your armor, the better protection you will get.

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