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Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) How to Climb Walls and Ledges

Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) How to Climb Walls

Monster Hunter Rise brings a lot of new movement mechanics to the game thanks to the Wirebug. The Wirebug is an Endemic Life form in the game that can be used for various quick movements including climbing, but there are also other ways you can climb in the game including your dog or Palamute. For small ledges, the character automatically climbs, so you don’t need to do much. It goes without saying that knowing how to climb walls and ledges in Monster Hunter Rise is important because you will be doing a lot of it in the game.  

MHR – How to Run Up Walls and Ledges

One of my personal favorites to climb walls or ledges in Monster Hunter Rise is using the Palamute. The canine is such a helpful companion. To climb the wall simply mount on the Palamute and using R dash towards the wall. The canine will automatically start climbing mountain walls and ledges. This is also the best method of climbing as the dog is much quicker when you do it yourself and you don’t need to spend your stamina mounted on him. When climbing yourself, if you lose stamina, there is always the risk of falling off. If you do fall off, use the Wirebug to hang in the sky and regain your stamina. Our linked Wirebug guide shares all the controls and moves of Wirebug.

As mentioned earlier, for smaller ledges and walls, you don’t need to do much, simply approach it and you will automatically climb them. But, if the walls are above your height, one or more Wirebug moves may come handy. You can use Zl + X / A to simply jump the wall or press the same keys with the reticle pointed on a wall to perform a wall run or run up walls. Once you are on the wall, point left, right, and up on the analogue stick to move in the direction. Holding the R button speeds up the climbing.

If there are vines coming down from walls or mountains, you can use them to climb as well. It’s quite simple, go to them and press forward, you will climb.

That basically sums up how you to run up walls and ledges in Monster Hunter Rise. Check out the game category for more informative guides and tips.

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