Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) – How to Change Buddy Skills

Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) - How to Change Buddy Skills

Monster Hunter Rise allows you to have up to two companions to assist you in hunts in both offensive and defensive ways. You can either choose two of the same buddy or one of each – Palamute and Palico. While the Palamute has a range of offensive skills, the Palico comes with some really interesting defensive skills that help damage. As you progress in the game and grow, your buddies grow in skills too. You can change the buddy skills using the Buddy Board. In this guide, we will show you how to change the buddy skills for Palico and Palamute in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR).

How to Change Buddy Skills in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR)

To change the buddy skills in Monster Hunter Rise, you first need to locate the Buddy Board. They appear as wooden statues of Palico and Palamute and can be found around the Kamura Village. One of the Buddy Board is located at the Buddy Plaza. Go to the Steelworks and head inside the gathering hub. Once you find the Buddy Board, go close to it and interact to bring up the Menu on your screen.

Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) Buddy Board

Using the Buddy Board, you can change a variety of things from skills, equipment, and appearance to voice. Once the menu is open, select Buddy Skills from the Buddy Board options. Next, you need to select the Buddy for which you want to change the skills.

Now, from the Buddy Info menu at the right of the screen, you can select the skills you want on your companion. Some of the skills will be greyed out, which will unlock as you complete quests. A quick way to unlock more buddy skills is to complete quests that are quick such as gathering. Hunting and slaying quests take a lot of time and not ideal if you want new buddy skills to unlock faster. When you highlight a buddy skill, you will be able to see the level at which it will be unlocked.

You will only be able to equip as many skills as the buddy’s Skill Memory. As you play the game and progress, more Skill Memory slots will be added allowing you to equip more skills. The slots are represented as square below the Skill Memory section. As you progress in the game, always be on the watch out for the Buddy Board in Villages and check them if there is a new skill unlocked.     

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