Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) – How to Block

Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) - How to Block

Monster Hunter Rise is set to release tomorrow after we had the opportunity to indulge in two demos of the game. The gameplay looks amazing and even better than the previous title in the series with several new mechanics introduced to the game. However, the basic gameplay and objective still remains the same. While enjoying the new and more enhanced graphics of the game, you should not forget that it’s filled with dangers. As you start the game, there are certain skills you require and one of them is knowing how to block.

Knowing how to block in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) will allow you to stay alive for longer. While offence is one way to go about with the game, certain monsters would require a combination of offensive and defensive.

How to Block in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise)

Monster Hunter Rise is not a game where you win a fight by spamming attack buttons. Instead, it’s very tactical and strategic. You need to study the attack patterns of the monster, utilize block and offensive strategy when required and in the right moment lay down some attack of your own. If you go all guns blazing, the fight will end soon as the monsters are powerful with higher HP than you.

To block in Monster Hunter Rise, you need to select specific weapons that have the block move. There is no other way to block in the game. If blocking is a part of your strategy or you want to utilize it, you need to select the weapons that allow you to do that. The Great Sword, Sword and Shield, Lance, Gun Lance, and Charge Blade.

When using the Sword and Shield, you can block by pressing the Zr. The guard creates a pose that is also great for combining a bunch of other offensive moves. When guarding or blocking with the Great Sword, you will lose some sharpness of the weapon, but the weapon can be sharpened again. But, you can block effectively using the Great Sword, the control for guard or block is the same – Zr.

Gunlance best block weapon in Monster HUnter Rise

The Charge Blade on the other hand can block, but only in the Sword mode. After performing the block, if you attack with Elemental Discharge, you will land huge damage. The Lance and Gun Lance are two of the best-blocking weapons in Monster Hunter Rise, even better than the other three. If you are looking for a weapon for its block ability, the Lance and Gun Lance should be your weapon of choice. The control for block in all the weapons is the same Zr.

So, this is how to block attacks in Monster Hunter Rise. You can browse through the game category for more informative guides and tips to play the game.

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