Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) – Best Weapon and Armor to Fight Bishaten

Bishaten is a part money, some parts of Pteranodon, and features of several other creatures. It has a powerful tail and one of its attack is poo slinging. The creature also has wings, which makes it an incredibly mobile creature to fight and requires some special weapons with speed focus. The Bishaten is a new addition to the Monster Hunter Series and is a tough foe to take on. If you go unprepared you will faint innumerable times before you can take down the monster. The creatures with its unique body features has a variety of attacks that makes countering it very difficult. But, with the right weapon and armor it is still possible. Stick with us through the post and we will share the best weapon and armor to fight Bishaten in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR).

Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) – Best Weapon and Armor to Fight Bishaten

Although the Bishaten is not as large as some other monsters in the game, its tail makes at appear larger than its actual body size. The tail is also one of its main offensive weapon and also a weak point you should exploit. The upper half of the Bishaten is a high reactance to attacks, making the tail the best place to deal damage.

Besides the attacks with the tail, other attacks that the monster uses is poop projectiles that can render poison effect. While fighting Bishaten, you don’t want to use Water or Dragon damage as it’s quite ineffective. The best elemental effect to use against the Monster is Ice, so you would want to craft a weapon using the Ice feature.

MHR Bishaten

As you start the game, the best weapon to fight and beat Bishaten is the Lagombi Long Sword made from Lagombi tree and Ivory Rabbit. Before you get into a fight, ensure that you have items in your Item Bar that can counter the poison effect such as Antidotes. Also, carry a lot of potion for healing other type of damage. A good armor will also sever you well during the fight. Pick any armor that has a good defensive stat.

How to Beat Bishaten in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR)

The tail is the most vulnerable part of the monster, but it’s also the most difficult as the beat keeps swinging it. Movement is key to the fight with the Bishaten, all throughout the fight, ensure that you are mobile. When the monster is downed due to taking too much damage or exhaustion, that’s the time to deal as much attack to the tail as possible. When the beast stands on the tail, it will fire the poop projectiles, so be prepared to dodge them. Follow this strategy and you will be able to take down the Bishaten eventually.  

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