Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) – Where to Get Pale Bone

You get items from the Monsters you kill in MH Rise. Besides the large monsters, there are a range of other creatures in the game that drop valuable items required to improve the weapons and armor in the game. As you enter the high rank, the possibility to improve the gear expands but that also means investing more time gathering resources.

One of the items that eluded players is the Pale Bone. The Pale Bone is a drop from Khezi. So, you need to track down these wyvern to get Pale Bone in Monster Hunter Rise.

Where to Get Pale Bone in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR)

You will require the Pale Bone for weapons in the Khezu Tree. The item is one of the two required to upgrade the Khezu Axe II. To get Pale Bone in Monster Hunter Rise, you will need to track down the Khezi. But, the drop rate is very low. While the item drops by hunting both low and high rank monster, the drop rate in low rank for the Pale Bone is much higher.

Khezi in MHR

To increase your chances of getting the Pale Bone, you can attempt to capture the monster. Another way to get the item is to break parts and that’s the best way to get the item due to the low drop rate of the Pale Bone from the Khezi monster.      

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