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Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) – Where to Find Eroded Skeleton

Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) – Where to Find Eroded Skeleton

There are numerous resources to collect and craft within Monster Hunter Rise. Some of them are fairly easy to find in the game, and while others are hidden and we need to find specifically. Eroded Skeleton is one of the resources which is quite tough to find but it plays an important role if you want to strengthen the Bone Tree weapons and wear some of the armor. These are crafting resources mainly which you will gain from looting environmental features in Monster Hunter Rise.

If you can’t find Eroded Skeleton, don’t worry! Go through the following guide.

Where to find Eroded Skeleton in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise)

You will find Eroded Skeleton on the Sandy Plains map. To get it, first, you need to loot Bone Piles and then you will have an opportunity of it dropping. You can find Bone Piles in areas 9 and 12. However, there are several other spots where you can easily find some of them in the Sandy Plains.

Once you start an excursion on Sandy Plains, you can go to the detailed map and then select the Bone Piles icon under the Materials 2 Icon List Selection. It shows the location of all Bone Piles in Sandy Plains but you’ll only be able to see if you’ve revealed the map before. Also, they can be found in areas 1 and 4 as well.

It is important to note that Sandy Plains has 2 levels. It has a cave to the North side where Kulu-Ya-Ku is situated. You will see many Bone Piles inside this cave. 

That’s all for this guide on where to find Eroded Skeleton in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Learn more about Monster Hunter Rise – Check this post: How to Use Sword & Shield | Moves, Combos, and Controls in Monster Hunter Rise.

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