Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) – How to Get Powertalon

A Powertalon is an item that rests in the item pouch in MH Rise. Players would want to get this item as early as possible as it increases the attack stats. However, you cannot get the item until you have reached the High Rank. Besides the high rank, there are some other requirements that the hunter needs to fulfil in order to obtain the Powertalon. If you are wondering how to get Powertalon in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR), keep scrolling.

How to Get Powertalon in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR)

The Powertalon increases the attack stats of the hunter by 9 points when it’s in the pouch. It may not seem much, but with some other items in the inventory such as Power Charm, the combined effect can make a difference and speed up the time it take to defeat monsters. Hence, the Powertalon is an item you would want to get as soon as possible.

Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) - Powertalon Item Box

To get Powertalon in Monster Hunter Rise, you will need to visit the merchant and spend 36,000 Zenny to purchase a Power Charm. While you are at the merchant and if you can afford it, purchase a second Power Charm as it can increase attack stats by 6 points when in the Inventory. You can use the first Power Charm to craft the Powertalon. However, the item won’t be available for you to purchase until you have reached the High Rank by defeating Apex Arzuros in Apex Arzuros Urgent Quest.

Another items, you require to craft the Powertalon is Ibushi Claw+. This is also a High Rank item and can be obtained from Ibushi. When faced with the monster, ensure to break its arm as that has the best chance of the Ibushi Claw+ drop.

Once you have both the items, you can craft the Powertalon and with the extra Power Charm in the inventory, you can get a total attack stats boost of +15.     

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