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Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) How to Get Fulgurbug

Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) How to Get Fulgurbug

Fulgurbug are essentially Thunderbug, but they have been enhanced by the environment or the monster they are found on. The in-game description of Fulgurbug is, “Thunderbugs which have been stimulated by Zinogre. They emit a pale blue light.” Unlike most of the other quests for items, the Fulgurbug has a slightly different approach. Here is how to get Fulgurbug in Monster Hunter Rise.

How to Get Fulgurbug in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise)

Like most items in the MH Rise, you can also get the Fulgurbug as quest reward or farm them from the monster that possesses them. As you would have guessed from the in-game description, the monster that carries the Fulgurbug is Zinogre. This monster feeds the Thunderbug electricity collected on its back and gets them to stay in the same spot, Overtime the Thunderbugs turn into Fulgurbug.

Zinogre Monster Hunter Rise

While slaying the monster and collecting the Fulgurbug from the item drops is a way to get the item. It’s not the ideal way to farm them. Here is how to farm Fulgurbug in Monster Hunter Rise.

While fighting the Zinogre, there would be a time when the monster falls due to exhaustion with its back exposed. When this happens, sheathe your sword and go close to the back of the monster. You will notice a prompt requiring you to press ‘A.’ When such a prompt occurs, spam the A button and you will be able to get a lot of the bug at one go.

So, this is how to get or farm Fulgurbug in Monster Hunter Rise. You always have other options such as defeating the monster in both Low and High rank.    

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