Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) – How to Get Eroded Husk

With the goal to craft better weapons and armor in Monster Hunter Rise, hunters have to scour the various maps of the game in search of items that can be used to perform upgrade and unlock new equipment. The Eroded Husk is one of the rarest items in the game that you need to find. It’s an upgrade of the low rank item Eroded Skeleton. One of the requirements to get the Eroded Husk is for you to be in High Rank. Here is how to get Eroded Husk in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise).

How to Get Eroded Husk in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR)

As we mentioned earlier, the Hunter need to be in High Rank i.e. you must have progressed to the 5 Star quests in the game to get the Eroded Husk. Like the Eroded Skeleton, you can also farm the Eroded Husk from Bonepiles found in High Rank maps such as the Sandy Plains.

Besides the Bonepiles, you can also get the Eroded Husk from Meowcenaries. Head to the Buddy area and talk to Meowcenaries. Once that done, you can send out buddies to various markets to collect items. When the buddy return with items, you will be notified. One of these items can be the Eroded Husk, but the drop rate in the markets is low and it’s not the ideal way of farming the resource.

We suggest that you get the item from the Sandy Plains map. Once you are one the map, there are certain specific location where the Bonepiles can be found. The Bonepiles can be found near Area 1, 4, 8, 9, and near 12. Here is a map that shows the various locations.

MH Rise Eroded Husk Location

Head over to the map and search the bonepiles. As there are various spots, start from area 1 and make your way down to area 12. The item respawns, so you can make another run at all the locations to farm the Eroded Husk.  

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