Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) – How to Get Armortalon

The Armortalon is not an item exclusive to MHR. Players who have played the previous instalments of the game would be familiar with this item that has the ability to boost the hunter’s defensive stats in a fight. This is an important item and you would want to get it as soon as you can get it, but there are certain conditions or requirements you need to fulfil before you can get the item. If you are wondering how to get Armortalon in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR), we have got you covered. Stick with us and we will tell you everything you should know.   

How to Get Armortalon in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR)

Having the Armortalon in the Item Box boost the defensive stat of the hunter by 18 points, that’s a boost you can use in a fight and when paired with the Armor Charm in your Inventory, you can combine the effects of both items to get a massive stat of +30. That’s something you should really aim for, but it costs a lot.

To get or craft the Armortalon in Monster Hunter Rise, you require Armor Charm and Ibushi Claw+. The Armor Charm can be purchased from the merchant at the cost of 24,000 Zenny. However, for the item to become purchasable, you need to be on High Rank that’s achieved after defeating Apex Arzuros in Apex Arzuros Urgent Quest. If you can afford it, get a second Armor Charm from the merchant to further boost the defensive stat.

Armortalon Monster Hunter Rise Crafting

The second item you require is the Ibushi Claw+. This is also a High Rank item and can be obtained from Ibushi. When faced with the monster, ensure to break its arm as that has the best chance of the Ibushi Claw+ drop.

Once you have both the items, you can craft the Armortalon and with the extra Armor Charm in the inventory, you can get a total attack stats boost of +30.     

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