Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) – How to Forge Magia Pitareen Insect Glaive

In Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise), all weapons have unique properties relating to their Looks, Elemental Damage, and Attack Power. Magia Pitareen l is a part of an upgrade path for the Insect Glaive Weapon Tree which is one of the 14 weapons available in MH Rise. If you are in search of the best weapon that provides you loads of jumping and mobility actions, then the Insect Glaive is just the right weapon for you. This is a unique weapon compared to other types of weapons as it allows you to instruct a Kinsect to harvest stat-boosting extracts from the monster you battle with. Let us find out how to Forge Magia Pitareen Insect Glaive in MH Rise.

How to Forge Magia Pitareen Insect Glaive in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise)

To forge this Insect Glaive, you will need the following materials. 

– 1 Blossom Cricket

– 3 Bombadgy Igniters

– 2 Lightcrystals

Let’s learn how to obtain these materials in MH Rise

How to Get Blossom Cricket in MH Rise

Blossom Cricket is the main item to craft the Magia Pitareen. Same as Butterfly Beetles and Dreamshells, Blossom Crickets can be acquired by using the Argosy to collect mushrooms and bugs-related items.

If you are already using the Argosy and Rondine to farm like honey may already have noticed these in their inventory. But if this is your first time and wants to collect Crickets, all you need to is go to the Rondine, select a buddy, and ask them to trade for a bug or a mushroom. Honey and Webs count as bugs also for this. 

Ultimately, the buddy will bring back Blossom Crickets along with the request items.

How to Get Bombadgy Igniters in MH Rise

Bombadgy Igniters can be acquired from the Bombadgies in the Shrine Ruins. This is the useful material that you can easily get by looting or killing the said monster and by doing quests.

How to Get Lightcrystals in MH Rise

Lighcrystals are a rare drop from mining outcrops in the Flooded Forest area in MH Rise. It means, unless you are very lucky, you need to visit multiple different harvesting points to get what you need. 

You will get Lightcrystals by doing some quests like village quest to hunt Great Wroggi. However, usually, you will find uncommon ore nodes in low-rank areas.

Once you’ll forge Magia Pitareen Insect Glaive successfully, it provides:

– 70 Attack

– 20 Blasts

– A defense bonus of 5

– Yellow Sharpness 

– And a level 3 Kinsect level.

Hope you’ve learned everything on how to Forge Magia Pitareen Insect Glaive in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Also, learn Where to Find Unique Mushrooms in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise).

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