Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) – How to Farm Altaroth Jaws & Altaroth Stomachs

Monster Hunter Rise is a great game and it all revolves around items that you get in the maps, from killing monsters, and trading, all in an attempt to get better equipment and weapon so you can kill larger stronger monsters. It’s all a circle, but more fun than it can be defined in words. One of the creatures you would want to find and harvest is the Altaroth. You can harvest the Altaroth Jaws & Altaroth Stomachs.

You would want to farm the Altaroth in Monster Hunter Rise as these creatures are known to carry items with them besides riches. Killing the insect will get you the Altaroth Jaws & Altaroth Stomachs. But, finding these weird insects is a bit difficulty. No worries we’ve got you covered, here is how to farm Altaroth Jaws & Altaroth Stomachs in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise).

How to Get Altaroth Jaws & Altaroth Stomachs in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise)

Altaroth are inhabitants of cold and can be found on the Frost Islands map. This is the only location that you can find the Altaroth and farm its Jaws and Stomach. Even when you have found the creature you must know how to kill it to obtain the resources.

Altaroth Jaws & Altaroth Stomachs - MH Rise

To get the Altaroth Jaws & Altaroth Stomachs in Monster Hunter Rise, go on an Expedition on the Frost Island map and head to Area 6, and 9. On both locations on the map, you will find a pair of Altaroth just walking by.    

How to find Altaroth MH Rise

Now, once you have located them, don’t kill them with a heavy weapon or they will be smashed and you won’t get the Jaw and Stomach. You would want to use something like a poison explosives, kunai, or use the bow. Once the insect is dead, carve to obtain the resources.

Besides the Stomach and the Jaw, the creature also drops the Monster Fluid, Ripened Mushroom, Nulberry, Honey, and Fine Stomach.   

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