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Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) | How to Use Wirebug for Wyvern Riding | How to Mount

Monster Hunter Rise - How to Use Wirebug for Wyvern Riding-Mounting

Wirebug is a new game mechanics in Monster Hunter Rise that allows the hunter to perform diverse movements, attacks, and using mounts. Silkbind moves use the Wirebug to perform special attacks known as Silkbind attacks. If you are new and don’t know about the Wirebug, refer the linked guide. Among the various new things in the game mechanics, the Wyvern Riding is one of the most interesting. It’s similar to mount mechanics in previous instalment, but it now uses or requires the Wirebug to be performed. Keep reading and we will show you how to use Wirebug for Wyvern Riding in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) or simply put, how to mount monsters.

How to Use Wirebug for Wyvern Riding in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) | How to Mount

Wyvern Riding is the new game mechanics that allows you to use the Ironsilk to restrain the monster and ride it for a little while. There are a few ways to mount monsters in Monster Hunter Rise or trigger Wyvern Riding.

1. Deal damage to the monster using the Silkbind attack

Most weapons in the game have Silkbind attacks that use the Wirebug. Pressing the ZL+X or ZL+A will allow you to perform the Silkbind attack with various weapons. Serene Pose and Soaring Kick are Silkbind attacks using the Longsword. Hunting Edge and Power Sheathe are Silkbind attacks using the Great Sword, and so on with other weapons. For ranged weapons, the Silkbind Attacks use the button R + A or R + X.  

2. Target a damaged monster after turf war

Another way you can initiate Wyvern Riding is by using the injured or the downed monster in turf wars. For this to happen, you may have to lure and trap two monsters in a turf war and the defeated can be used for mounting. You can attract two monsters and start the turf war by using the Endemic Life ‘Stinkmink.’

3. Use Endemic Life – Puppet Spider

The Puppet Spider in an Endemic Life that appears as yellow spider icon on the map. Once you have the Puppet Spider, you can use it as an item from the item bar. Using the Puppet Spider, you can shoot the paralytic webbing at the monster. If it hits, the monster will be mountable instantly, but can only be used once. After it’s exhausted, you will have to use other methods to mount the monster.

When a monster becomes mountable, you will get a screen prompt to Wyvern Ride the monster. Attacking the monster will also allow you to mount it. All the spent Wirebug will automatically refill once you mount the monster.

How to Use Wirebug for Wyvern Riding

Monster Hunter Rise | Wyvern Riding Controls

Once a monster becomes mountable and you are on it, you will see the Ironsilk control all the movable parts of the monster. You can use the Ironsilk threads to control the various limbs of the monster. Here are the various Wyvern Riding controls available to you.

Hold R + Move Left Analogue StickMove
XLight Attack
AStrong Attack
Pull Left Analogue Stick Back + A/XSpecial Attacks
B after attack or when under attackEmergency EvadeCosts 1 Wirebug charge
B before getting attackedShrug off Attacks 
B while downDown Evade 
YLaunch monster forward and dismount 
X + AMounted PunisherRequires Full Gauge

The Mounted Punisher is the ultimate attack of the mounted monster and should be performed when you know that one hit will take down the other monster as you will automatically dismount after performing the move. To perform the Mounted Punisher, it requires the Wyvern Riding Gauge to be full. There is a brief time when you can press the X + A to perform the attack, so watch out for the meter in the middle of the screen that indicates the Wyvern Riding Gauge.

Wyvern Riding Gauge meter fills up as you damage the other monster and evade attacks. Also, keep a watch at the clock next to the Wyvern Riding Gauge meter that indicates the time you have left before the monster breaks free from the Ironsilk. If the monster takes damage, the amount of time you have on the monster will decrease. So, this is how you Wyvern Ride or mount monsters in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR). You can use the skills learned to take the fight to the next level.    

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