Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise: How to Progress in Hub and Village Rank

Monster Hunter Rise how to progress village and hub ranks

There are two types of progression ranking in Monster Hunter Rise, Hub Ranking and Village Ranking. If you want to know more about these types of ranking and how to pursue them, then you can keep reading below.

Monster Hunter Rise: How to progress in Hub and Village Rank

There are two ranks you can take to progress in Monster Hunter Rise. Each has its own sets of challenges that you can take along the way. First, we will see what the Village and the Hub have to offer, then proceed with the ranking.

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The Village

The Village is one of the two paths that you can take in Monster Hunter Rise. It is linked to the story and serves as a tutorial when you venture into the game during the first few hours.

If you are new to Monster Hunter Rise, then progressing through the Village Rank first is best, as it will teach you the ways of the game with its tutorials. You can learn about Rampage Mode and other features here. If you level up your Village Rank, you can unlock more Dango variations, making your hunts more efficient. 

The Hub

The other alternate you can choose is the Hub in Monster Hunter Rise. If you go this route, you will learn less about the story and more about hunts and exploration. It is also more challenging if you accept the quests here than through Hinoa from the Village. You also won’t get any tutorials once you join the Hub. The hub is great for veterans as they can jump right in without going through the walkthrough.

Village and Hub Ranks

If you are looking to progress through the Village and Hub Ranks, you will need to accept certain quests. You can get these quests from Hinoa, who you can find in the Village Steelworks, and Minoto, who is available in the Hub Prep Area. If you speak to either one, you will be taken to the quest menu. Low-Rank quests are readily available for all players, but you need to be Hunter Rank 4 to get High Ranking quests.

If you see a red-colored icon next to the name of the quest, it means that it is a rank-up quest. If you look to the top right of the screen, it will show you how many quests are required till you can increase your ranks in the respective areas. Whether you are choosing the hub or the village, both of them do not need to be progressing together.

Completing Urgent Quests can help you increase your rank. Look for quests marked with the red speech bubble to accept it. You may also get more than one Urgent Quest, but you will have to unlock all the other Quests before you can accept an Urgent Quest.

That’s all there is to know about ranking up and progressing through the Village ranks and Hub ranks. If you liked this guide you can check all our other Monster Hunter Rise guides on the site as well.

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