Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise – How to Lock onto Monsters

Monster Hunter Rise - How to Lock onto Monsters

The camera scheme in any game is important. For most games it’s pre-set, but Monster Hunter Rise allows you to keep your target or the monster in sight at all times, even when you are moving away from the monster. Without this, you may run away from the monster and lose sight of the beast only to feel the attack from behind. The Lock-on feature in Monster Hunter Rise will allow you to keep your target in sight at all times. There are two ways to lock onto targets or monsters in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR).

How to Lock onto Monsters in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR)

The lock on feature is especially important for players who are new to the game and playing it the first time. It’s one of the first fiddling you should do with the settings. It makes hunting down the monsters easier. You will have a better chance against the beast when you have it in sight all the time rather than allowing it to surprise you.

As said, you can lock into monsters in MHR via two ways the Target Camera option which is set by default and the other, the Focus Camera option. If you are a beginner, the second option is the best for you and you should start with it.

The Target Camera option is set by default and can be activated by pressing the Right Analog Stick, then selecting the Monster from the top-left corner of the screen, and then press L. Once, you do that, the camera will auto turn in the direction of the monster.

The second option, the Focus Camera auto turns in the direction of the monster and also the reticle points at the monster. To enable the settings, you need to open the Options Menu by pressing the Plus (+) button. Now, go to Camera settings, which is third in the list and locate Camera Style. Set it to Focus Camera from Target Camera.

You can try out between the two options to lock onto the target in Monster Hunter Rise, but the second option the Focus Camera is definitely a better option for beginners.  

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