Monster Hunter – Rise How to Get Lazurite Jewel

The latest update 2.0 is out and players have been introduced to the Lazurite Jewel in the Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). This is one of the rare items which will be required to make the newly added decorations in the game. This item only drops from quests like the Apex Monster Hunts or the Elder Dragon Quests. But if you do not want to go through such a tough and lengthy process, you can complete the Apex Rathian High-Rank Hub quest by completing Rampage quests. So, let’s learn here how to get Lazurite Jewel in MH Rise.

How to Get Lazurite Jewel in Monster Hunter Rise

Apex Rathian quest can earn you as much Lazurite Jewels as other quests. But to complete Apex Rathian is much easier than the other two quests so we advise you to go with this. Also, Rathian is very easy to hit so you can quickly and easily bring it down and get Lazurite Jewel.

If you are not able to see Apex Rathian in your quests list for 7-star Hub quests, then first of all you need to complete the Rampage quests until you defeat an Apex Rathian.

Here we would like to give you some of the best tips to bring down Apex Rathian quickly without any more effort.

– Make sure to equip with a weapon that has some type of Thunder or Dragon element attached to it. This boss is resistant to Fire so remember to add such weapons in your weapon box.

– Try to hit the maximum on its Head, Neck, Tail, Wing, and Torso as these parts are more vulnerable.

– Thunderblight ailment is one of the weaknesses of Rathian, poison and blast damage is effective against the beast.

– Just like Rathalos, Rathian is weakest to blunt, slicing, and then piercing damage.

Remember all these points, bring down Apex Rathian quickly, and it will drop Lazurite Jewel.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Lazurite Jewel in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise).

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