Monster Hunter Rise – How to Get Kamura Tickets

The Kamura Tickets in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR, MH Rise) are special materials that allows the hunter to craft powerful weapons and armor. With the Tickets in your possession, you can start to turn designs into weapon and armor. After you have reached the 4 Star quest and gone to the stage where you defeat the boss in the Volcano, you are going to get a ton of request from Villages. Once you fulfil these requests and side quests, you will be rewarded with designs that unlock new weapon and armor at the Blacksmith. Some of the unique designs will require the Kamura Tickets.

How to Get Kamura Tickets in Monster Hunter Rise

Once you have the design that requires the Kamura Ticket, you need to go in search of them. The Kamura Ticket is almost always rewarded by Fugen the Elder, but you have to be quite far in the game to get them. To get the Kamura Ticket in Monster Hunter Rise, ensure that your Hunter Rank is 4 Star Quests and you have defeated the boss in the Volcano region. Complete all the Fugen the Elder side quests. After completing the last request that requires you to recruit 15 Buddies, continue with the story.

Fugen the Elder - MHR

Make sure that you have completed the main story for single player and then, speak with Fugen the Elder whenever you complete a quest. If you do that, each time you talk to him, you will get a Kamura Ticket. To farm the Ticket, complete more quests and talk to the Fugen the Elder more often.   

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