Monster Hunter Rise – How to Get Dragonbone Relic

Monster Hunter Rise features a lot of new mechanics that players are delving into such as Wirebug moves, Wyvern riding, and more. There are a lot of new things to discover in the game. You will need the Dragonbone Relic to unlock the Dragonbone tree at the Smithy. In order to get the Dragonbone tree, players would need to progress to the High Rank hub quests. Once you have unlocked the quests, you would want to complete the “Tour of the Islands” quest to get the Dragonbone Relic. Here is where to find Dragonbone Relic in Monster Hunter Rise.

Where to Find Dragonbone Relic in Monster Hunter Rise

Before you start searching for the Dragonbone Relic, you need to unlock the High Rank quests at the Hub or the item will not spawn. To find the Dragonbone Relic, you need to locate the Bonepiles in Frost Islands. When you unlock the first two quests in High Rank, you will have access to the new map – Frost Islands – with a bunch of locations where you can find the Bonepiles, but there is just one location where you can get the Dragonbone Relic.

To find Dragonbone Relic in Monster Hunter Rise, go to the Frost Islands and loot the Bonepile at the center of Area 7, 8, 5, and 10. The area is highlighted in the below map.

Dragonbone Relic  Location Monster Hunter Rise

Once you have the relic, you can use it for a range of things such as forging new weapons and upgrading existing ones to new and more powerful ones. You will have access to the Dragonbone tree that has a number of very interesting things that you would want to make.      

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