Monster Hunter Rise – How to Beat Chameleos

The latest update in Monster Hunter Rise brings a host of new monsters for players to take on. The Chameleos is an elder dragon with poison as one of its strengths. However, unlike other dragons you would have faced this beast does not use elemental attacks. But, the poison in itself can be deadly when inflicted. If you are having trouble taking down the monster, we have covered the strategy on how to beat Chameleos in Monster Hunter Rise in this guide.

How to Beat Chameleos in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR)

As poison is one of its main attacks, it’s a good idea to carry items and armor with specific poison focus. Here is the preparation and strategy you need to follow to defeat the Chameleos in MHR.

  • To ward off the poison damage, you should have some poison resistance on the armor and carry some antidotes or medicine.
  • Chameleos can become invisible during the fight, so carry some Flash bombs to break their invisibility.
  • As for the weapon of choice, your best option would be something fast such as the Dual Blades. Chameleos is weak to elemental in the order – Fire, Dragon, and Thunder. Ice and Water are ineffective.
  • When attacking, the sweet spots are the head and the forelegs. So, that’s the area you should focus during the fight. If you want Shot type damage, focus on the tail rather than the forelegs.
  • Most Status effects are ineffective, so don’t bother with those.
  • Chameleos goes transparent from time to time, but it’s manageable as you can still see it. However, it can also become completely invisible. In such a case, Hunters can use the Flash Bomb to break the invisibility. Once the Flash Bomb has been used, there would be a flash around the head of the monster that would remain when it goes invisible again and hence, can be tracked without the use of the Flash Bombs.
  • When fighting, you should aim for the head first. If you manage to break the head, the monster won’t be able to go invisible.
  • Chameleos will also attempt to steal your Spiribird Pollen. The monster does it when launching a tongue attack or charging at the player. When you notice a sudden decrease in your stat and an increase in the monster’s, that’s an indication the Pollen has been stolen. To avoid the pollen from getting stolen, avoid the attacks.
  • The deadliest attack you need to watch out for is the poison attack. It’s stronger than the standard poison effect and drains the health of the hunter faster. There are a few different ways the monster uses the poison attack to direct towards the hunter.It can spit globs of poison, and poison breath. When it spits poison balls, it can leave mist behind. The monster can direct the mist towards the hunter with its wings.
  • An even more deadlier poison attack that the monster users is that it creates a circle of mist and send it towards the hunter. In all cases, you must attempt to dodge the poison attacks.
  • One of the best time to attack Chameleos is when it’s filled the arena with mist. So, take advantage of the situation.
  • When the monster slams its body on the ground twice, it will go slightly invisible and would be open to attacks.
  • While fighting the area behind the monster is not safe as it slams it’s tail.

Besides the above, there are a few other attacks of the Chameleos that you should easily avoid. So, this is how to beat Chameleos in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR).   

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